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Blog Post July 10, 2011
Taking Back America One Cause At A Time

On July 8, 2011 Arizona took a step toward sanity. Due to the efforts of a group called Citizens for a Better Arizona, a sufficient number of signatures were gathered to recall Senate President Russell Pearce - the right wing lunatic author of the "Papers Please" SB1070. This means that Russell Pearce - the first Senate President in the history of the United States to be recalled - has five days to resign or be required to face off in a primary. I make up that in his arrogance he will not resign and then we will see how serious Arizonans are about regaining their collective sanity.

According to reports Citizens for a Better Arizona collected more than a third more signatures than were required for the recall. They reported that people were pouring into their offices to sign the petition.

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Slowly, in increments, I see the people begin to awaken to the nightmare that has taken over the country since Ronald Reagan and his big business sponsors began to dismantle our republic 31 years ago. Whether we call it a theocracy, a plutocracy, a corporatocracy, or an oligarchy this country is no longer the America of my childhood and it is not the America I want for my children and grandchildren.

What I find interesting is that while the Republicans have been guided in their take over from their handlers at the top, the take back is coming from the grass roots. Those hundred thousand who stood in the cold outside the Wisconsin state house, those workers who have collected over 1.2 million signatures to put the union busting bill on the Ohio ballot when they needed fewer than 250,000 to do the job. The grassroots is finding one cause after another to rally around.

We have our work cut out for us. Taking back America will not happen over night nor will the oligarchs and corporations give up easily. What I'm seeing is groups of fanatics in one corner led by the uber rich who are perfectly happy to return us to a feudal state where we struggle to keep our families alive while they live in castles and own the government. On the other side are those who are fighting to restore America to a country of laws, governed by a Constitution that protects its citizens from unreasonable search and seizure, that guarantees speedy trials by peers and does not torture or assassinate its citizens without trial, the country that once was called, "The Land Of Opportunity," where there once was a great middle class that could own a home, educate their children, and live a good life on a reasonable income, a country where freedom of speech was once guaranteed. In the middle is a group that doesn't know what to do. They suffer terribly. They are losing everything for themselves, their children and their grandchildren. They are not certain whether to follow the oligarchs or the reformers.

I think we are nearing a tipping point in America where the pain for the people has become big enough to threaten the oligarchs. At this point we have a choice - will we take back the government by exercising the laws of the land or will we explode? Whichever way we go I see change happening - not Obama's faux change - but Arizona and Wisconsin and Ohio's real change and it is heartening.

The next battle is to convince Obama to be a one term President in order to give the people a chance to elect someone who can beat the Republican wing nuts. We saw the damage that eight years of Bush did - even four years with any of the Republican candidates that are currently running would destroy America possibly for all time. If our president will not start working for us then he has to go and go soon - we need a chance to elect someone who can win the next election.


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