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Blog Post June 23, 2011
The Victim is America not Weiner

There is a significant amount of conversation on line about how the Weiner scandal will hurt the Democrats. That's not what I see. I see the victim as the American people with the further fall of any credible American government. This is as a result of the Republicans in particular focusing on other people's sex as a way to distract the American people from their disastrous policies and their horrendous efforts to keep the government from working so they can win the next election. It's not Weiner's fault - what he did is disgusting but it is not what's bringing down America. What's bringing down America is the Republican strategy to win elections.

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The downfall of America officially began with the Nixon Impeachment. It might have begun with the Johnson debacle but the Democrats were just as angry at Johnson as the Republicans so that doesn't count. With the Nixon impeachment, the fury of the Republicans was unleashed, and so began the beginning of the end of America and its decline to a third world plutocracy. The Republicans swore vengeance - instead of governance they focused on making the governments of a Democrat fail to work so that the Democrat wouldn't be reelected. Of course Bill Clinton played right into their hands with his Greek tragedy of an Administration. The Republicans lost that salvo because it was idiotic, but they are on the vengeance trail. While their latest object has been Weiner, their true victim is America.

The Weiner stupidity and the resultant forced resignation have unleashed what will become a scramble to unearth scandal after scandal and, because these people believe they do not have to play by the same rules as the rest of us, and there is some weird correlation between power and the penis, there will be an ever-increasing number of scandalous outings, resignation and a grasping for which party is less venal than the other.

America no longer is ruled by Administrations interested in governance. The House and Senate do as little as they possibly can for the American people. They create the anti abortion circuses, the Weiner scandal circuses even as people are thrown out of their homes to live in their cars. The new American dream is whether your car is big enough to fit your family. The government fails to address global warming because it might take five cents worth of profit from their sponsors. They are moving us back to the days of the sweat shops by loosening child labor laws and putting wage earners in direct competition for low paying jobs (and ultimately that's what most American jobs will be) with their children.

The Republicans like the new governor or Maine are driving the minimum wage down so that American families will not have enough money to feed the children they are forced to bring into this world because of the anti-contraception legislation they are moving to pass across the country. And we, caught in the old illusion of the American dream, are letting them destroy our lives. Soon Americans will become the illegal immigrants in South America where there is democracy and where there are jobs and education.

The next circus will be a panoply of sex scandals the likes of which we couldn't have imagined in a past - a time we didn't care who slept with whom - a time when we could support a family comfortably with the salaries of one person. The Republicans have their share of men who equate power with their penis so the scandals will be on both sides of the aisle - the big difference being that Republicans claim the moral high ground while they crawl in the gutters - blaming women for tempting them into sin.

We are in for bad times - Weiner just ups the ante of the sexual scandals that are about the hit the world of politics - but that's just a distraction for the killing of our democracy and the forcing of more and more people into poverty.


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